Better employment opportunities for students in Berlin GERMANY - the project 'Netzwerk Berliner Schülerfirmen' celebrates the 50th co-operation agreement between a Student Company and a local business.

Since 2001, the Arbeit-Schule-Integrations-Gesellschaft (ASIG Berlin) has been involved in providing improved occupational chances for more than 1,700 students with special needs at 47 schools in Berlin. To put this aim into practice, the ASIG has created the Netzwerk Berliner Schülerfirmen (NeBS) network, which is supported by the European Social Fund and the Federal State of Berlin.

In Student Companies, students get the Chance to explore their occupational interests and to link their abilities with real Job requirements at an early stage. During their work in the Student Company, the students are supported by practical advisors and youth training assistants. These are people skilled in vocational education and with good occupational training and abilities themselves. The youth training assistants also consult with local partner companies to arrange trainee positions for students who work in the Student Companies.

The co-operation between schools and the local economy is an important aspect of NeBS. On the basis of co-operation agreements between Student Companies and local businesses, a school and a Company consider together what ways training for the students and applications for the Student Companies can be realised. More often than not, vocational education is the outcome of these agreements.

On Ist of November 2005, NeBS celebrated the 50th co-operation agreement: at the 2nd international exhibition for Student Companies at FEZ-Berlin, the Student Company 'Haus & Garten' from the Schule am Plänterwald school signed an agreement with OBI store Berlin-Treptow. It is hoped many more such agreements will follow.

More Information can be obtained from www.nebs.de or Anette Hausotter a.hausotter@t-online.de Agency National Co-ordinator for Germany.



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